Review: LostStock

Review: LostStock

I bought a Loststock box mainly because I wanted to help out the garment workers in Bangladesh, as so many were laid off and living in poverty due to fashion brands not paying up or ordering more stock at the start of the lockdown. My contribution is said to have helped the family of one of the garment workers for a week, who have received either cash transfers to replace lost wages or vouchers for food and essential supplies, and have received support from social initiatives.

I ordered a size M, as usually a small is a tad too small for me. These sizes are humongous, and I haven't worn any of the clothing from my box yet - I'm probably gonna need to wait wearing them until I'm pregnant and my belly and boobs are just huge..!

The box I received was all right, not clothing I'd usually wear, but then again, I'm not a very fashionable person and don't really care about what I wear. So yea, I'll wear these clothes, eventually.

I'm really glad all the pieces are made of 100% cotton or hemp, even though it's probably not made with organic cotton. But if we really want to live more sustainable lives, what we really need to stop doing, is buying shit we don't need. If you don't need new clothes, don't buy them. Even if it would help someone else out. I could just as well have donated the money straight to a charity without anything in return and would've been as happy as I am now.

Why should you buy less shit? Read this article.

Read more about the Black Lives Matter movement and the fashion industry here.

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