Review: Lush Shampoo

Review: Lush Shampoo

So, I finally made the move to a shampoo bar, instead of bottled shampoo. I was planning on this for more than 6 months but the last bottle of shampoo I bought was so big, it took us over a year to use it up. And now, our shower is officially plastic free!

This shampoo bar by Lush was gifted to me by my best friend last Christmas, and I started using it just over 2 months ago. I think it's wonderful!

For some reason I was skeptical and thought it wouldn't froth like bottled shampoo does, but this bar works a treat! It smells great, it feels great and I didn't need to get used to using a bar at all.

This one is my favorite shampoo bar up to now, but the Faith in Nature and Suma bars are definitely coming close to that!

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