Review: Oddbox

Review: Oddbox

We've had a box of vegetables and fruits delivered every week since May. Oddbox has sent us some super tasty foods, but also some very interesting fruit and veg we've never tried before and will never try again.

Oddbox are claiming that over 3 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables gets wasted before it has left the farm. Supermarkets have a very strict uniformity guidelines for the way fruit and veg should look, and lots of the wonky fruit and veg can't be sold to them.

I don't believe this claim, as with a bit of research and digging you'll find out that these ugly pieces are sold at a much lower price to producers of canned foods, soups and frozen foods. But hey, I'd rather have Oddbox pay a decent price to the farmers for the wonky ones, as they're still 100% edible. Sometimes there's a bit of mould, but you know, you can just cut that away.

There is often not much variety, as every week we'll have the standard fruits like apples and pears, and vegetables like potatoes, aubergines and cabbage (I'm so over that now).

Luckily you can add 3 things to your no-no list so they won't ship too many yukky foods. And they have add-ons every now and then, explaining why certain foods are leftover. For example: tenderstem broccoli that was originally grown for restaurants but with Covid-19 there is a lot leftover.

I recommend to everyone in the London area to get the Oddbox, especially if you're not comfortable going to the supermarket.

Go get yourself £10 off your first box with the code 'Ana McCully' at checkout!

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