Review: Shaving Bar by Clean and Green

Review: Shaving Bar by Clean and Green

One of the easiest things to replace in your bathroom is shaving foam. Using a shaving bar will save so much rubbish, from plastics to metals, and they work just as well.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

This shaving bar by Clean and Green is wonderfully soft. It doesn't foam up like other shaving methods do, but it gives your skin a wonderfully moisturizing layer, not leaving your skin dry and irritated after shaving.

With natural ingredients such as coconut oil and olive oil, you know your skin is in the right hands with these cruelty free fully vegan bars.

It doesn't smell amazing, but that's because there aren't any nasties added to the bar! And as I don't need to use it on my face, I'm all good this bar from them. I did write another review on their soap bars, which were not my fave to be honest.

Get your hands on a shaving bar right here.

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