Review: Thimble and Fabric

Review: Thimble and Fabric

I really love how consumerism is moving from big corporations to small handmade one-woman-bands. Or maybe that's just me in my little bubble, but I've been in contact with the most amazing, creative and inspiring women in the last two years and I love how so many women are starting their own businesses doing what they love.

Photography Credit: My Sustainable 20s

One of these women is Jess, who, before Covid-19 started, was already an amazing wedding dress seamstress, and now added her embroidery hobby to her business. She sells amazing DIY embroidery kits, which is definitely perfect for lazy bums like me who wouldn't otherwise know where to start. From classic embroidery kits to tote bags and make up pouches, there is enough choice to suit anything and anyone!

If you want to spend your Christmas holiday creatively with your friends and family, or really want to gift something one of a kind, get on over to Thimble and Fabric and get yourself some amazing embroidery kits.

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