Review: White Rabbit Eye Cream

Review: White Rabbit Eye Cream

I've been moisturizing my face every single day ever since I started using make-up when I was 14. I knew it was very important to take care of my skin and have had a seriously long morning and evening cleansing routine for almost 16 years (less evening routines now that I barely wear make up and go outside). My husband is baffled by the 5 different creams and lotions I use, but hey, I'm told I still look like I'm 25 so it's definitely been worth it hahaha!

I haven't had much luck finding the right facial creams as of yet.

So. This is an eye cream. I think it's quite expensive at £20 and well, it's a cream. I like that it feels light on your skin, but I'm not amazed by it. The cream has slightly separated with the weather being super hot, but that's not a deal breaker for me. I'm very neutral about this cream I bought from Plastic Freedom. It's vegan, natural and plastic-free, and it will probably last me for over a year. But I think I'll be looking for a more active wrinkle fighter soon.

UPDATE: I've found an amazing wrinkle fighter in Veggilanol, read more about them here and buy them here.

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