Road Transport is seriously polluting our planet

Road Transport is seriously polluting our planet

We should be driving less - or at least lower our diesel and petrol output.

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Road transport makes up 12% of all global CO2 emissions, which includes all cars, motorbikes, buses, coaches and trucks. We clearly need to reduce our road transport emissions - not only by driving less ourselves, but by buying locally as well. Trucks account for 37% of road transport and they cover thousands of kilometers bringing your meal deals over from France, your clothing from Turkey and your skincare products from Poland.

Most air pollution breathed in on a daily basis comes from road vehicles and is linked to health problems including stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and disease, and a range of respiratory diseases and infections. The World Health Organisation (WHO) claims that seven million people die every year from air pollution.

Now that we've all been told to stay home, air pollution has gone down with 30-50% in big cities all over the world. In the first two months of the lockdown, the number of nitrogen dioxide pollutants (NO2) from vehicle exhausts have dropped drastically leading to 11,000 fewer deaths in Europe related to air pollution. As a side note, this doesn’t only represent vehicle exhaust pollution but a major drop in our oil consumption and power generation from coal have dropped.

Fuel quality is very important in reducing emissions and the EU has set a strict legislation requiring serious cuts in greenhouse gas intensity by 2030. Completely cutting out the use of fuel would be a preferred option and the UK government offers huge grants of up to £3,000 to help people buy electric cars.

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