The diet that will save the world

Our planet is in crisis. We are not only living in a world with a climate emergency and the coronavirus trying to wipe us out, but also a hunger pandemic. With the number of people in acute hunger doubling in size because of Covid-19, 2020 is seeing the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. The World Food Programme will need an extra 2 to 4 billion US dollars to sustain it's operations this year alone to save people from starvation in Yemen, The Republic of Congo, Afghanistan and many other countries facing famine. Our global food system in broken. There are 2 billion people nutrient deficient, 1 billion starving, and more than 2 billion overweight or obese.

War, economic hardship, environmental impact and capitalism is keeping the people of this earth from living a healthy life. The global population is still expanding and there will probably be 10 billion of us in 2050.


So, is this even going to be possible for everyone to be healthy?

Yes. Yes it is.

In January 2019, the solution was published. A brilliant study revealed that with global efforts to stabilize population growth and making changes in land use while taking the Paris Climate Change Agreement into account, there is a diet that can save the world.

It's not a vegan diet, but it definitely doesn't contain as much meat/fish/dairy/eggs as the average person would enjoy. For me personally, it would actually mean more dairy, more fish and more chicken. Definitely less sugar and carbs (I just love potatoes, chocolate and bread).

You only need 7 grams of red meat per day to get all the proteins you need in a day. But of course no one is going to cut up their steak into tiny slivers. So you'd be 'allowed' one steak per month, even though it's healthier to eat many small portions. You're allowed a bit more chicken, at just over a breast fillet a week, and 1.5 salmon fillets per week, or a can of tuna instead. There is no pork or lamb on the menu (which is perfect for us, as we haven't consumed any because of you know, smart animals being treated horribly and babies being slaughtered at 9 weeks old).

3 eggs every two weeks is enough as well. 250 grams of dairy product per day seems like a lot, and thankfully consuming yogurt, milk, cheese and butter (all full fat) every day is very possible within this diet. The diet also tells you to have one piece of fruit per day, every now and then 2. It has an abundance of vegetables, and seeds and nuts (and avocados), and enough carbs like potatoes, oats, bread, rice, noodles and pasta to sustain all the bellies in the world.

For the sweet teeth, I'm sorry. There is barely any sugar involved, only honey and maple syrup seem to be included, to be used on top of hearty snacks, in your breakfast or tea/coffee.


The Guardian
The Guardian