Why are vegan cheeses so disgusting?

Why are vegan cheeses so disgusting?

So. Fake cheese.

I've never been a fan, from replacement cheeses in vegan burgers to full on vegan cheese, I'd rather just not have it. Trying this Koko dairy free cheddar only confirms it for me. It tastes exactly what you'd expect from a coconut cheese. It's just a strange structured coconut flavored block of... Nothing that I would ever want to eat again. And it doesn't even melt.

The other block in the photo is the Violife Epic Mature from Violife Foods, which does actually melt and has a better 'cheesy' consistency than the Koko block, but the flavor is just waaaay too intense for me. It's all right when it's blended in with a million other things, but even on a pizza it's overwhelming.


These are not for me.

I do want to give a shoutout to the beautiful beeswax wraps gifted from Urban Green, they're wonderful!

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