You don't have to be Vegan to save the World

You don't have to be Vegan to save the World

I get it. You love meat, and cheese, and chocolate... And going completely vegan is hard. And also not necessary. What is necessary, is for everyone to cut down on their meat and dairy consumption. We need to have a better and more sustainable way of living - for all life on earth.

Don't beat yourself up if you want to indulge in the occasional steak or glass of milk. If everyone in the world would act like you and me, we could save the world from both climate change and famine. I believe it's better to spread the word about cutting down on your carbon foodprint than to preach veganism to people who are not interested to change their lives so radically.


How can you start making changes to reduce your carbon foodprint?

1. Make sure (most of) your breakfasts and lunches are meat and fish free. Skip that bacon and/or those sausages, eat less eggs and choose a vegan yogurt every now and then. Spread that hummus and tone down on the mayo.

2. Replace the meat with your dinner for soy-based products, beans/pulses or a whole lot of extra veggies and nuts. There are so many amazing meals you can make that will satisfy and sustain you, lots of them that could be completely vegan. Get yourself some @quorn burgers, sausages or pieces, they're so delicious you won't miss the meat!

3. Drink less (or none) dairy milk. Choose tea or coffee instead of milk and add oat milk to your tea instead of cow's milk.

4. Make sure your food is organically sourced (free-range isn't good enough). Organic foods don't use pesticides and insecticides and organic farmers tend to work with nature instead of against it. Organic farmers also care more about animal welfare.

5. Buy locally. A big part of the carbon foodprint is transporting your food. Think about the transport from the feed for livestock, to the animals delivered from farm to slaughterhouse, via distribution centers to stores and finally into your house. Or transporting your vegetables and fruits from Africa to the UK.

6. Do you love snacking the sweet stuff? And did you know your candy probably contains animal fats? Please make sure to buy gelatine-free, there are so many amazing sweet treats out there there are vegan and vegetarian!


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