From plastic to compost

Billions of tons of plastic are polluting every single corner of this earth. Micro-plastics are found everywhere - from the bottom of the deepest trench in the ocean to us eating a credit card worth of plastic per week.

There is so much plastic on this earth, that it's difficult to turn the tide around. In 2017, Spanish scientists might have found a solution to our plastic problem. They have discovered a plastic consuming insect that turns polyethylene plastic into compost. 100 max worms can digest 92 milligrams of plastic overnight - it would take them a month to completely digest a 5.5 gram plastic bag.

Many experiments are currently being undertaken in Canada, the UK and Spain to figure out why these worms can do this and how to utilise this on the large scale.

Let's hope they'll be able to use the worms soon and save the planet from plastic!