Workshop - Make your own Facial or Perfume Oil

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Embark on an exciting journey to revitalize your skin's health or curate a one-of-a-kind fragrance! Your search ends here as we invite you to join our captivating workshops: the immersive Facial Oil Workshop and the delightful Perfume Oil Workshop. These workshops offer an intriguing blend of science and creativity, all set in the cozy atmosphere of a mini laboratory. Whether you're passionate about skincare or intrigued by the art of scents, our workshops provide an exceptional opportunity to learn and experiment. Discover the secrets behind radiant skin or the magic of personalized scents in an engaging and educational experience.

Our immersive Facial Oil Workshop 

Dive into the world of skincare alchemy with our engaging Facial Oil Workshop. In this enlightening two-hour session, you'll have the chance to formulate and craft your very own personalized facial oil. Picture yourself in a mini laboratory, surrounded by beakers, scales, and an array of organic, vegan ingredients ready for your creative touch. Guided by Zapy's expert Anne, you'll learn the art of blending these elements to create a bespoke facial oil that suits your skin's unique needs. This workshop is not only an exploration of skincare science but also a hands-on experience that empowers you to take control of your skincare routine.

Our delightful Perfume Oil Workshop

Step into the enchanting realm of fragrance creation through our captivating Perfume Oil Workshop. Over the course of two immersive hours, you'll be transported into a world of natural essential oils, where you'll uncover the artistry behind crafting your own signature scent. Imagine yourself surrounded by an array of vegan and organic essential oils, each categorized into top, middle, and base notes. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, you'll embark on a journey of scent exploration, learning the intriguing properties of different oils and how they harmonize. This hands-on experience will not only leave you with a unique perfume blend but also a deeper appreciation for the magical world of fragrances.


Elevate Your Skincare Routine with a Personal Touch

These workshops is a delightful blend of education, experimentation, and self-care. In this hands-on session, you'll explore the art of formulating and producing your very own skincare products. Imagine stepping into a captivating laboratory, equipped with measuring cups, scales, and an array of organic, vegan ingredients.

Under Anne's expert guidance, you'll delve into the world of oils and essential oils. Through a sensory exploration, you'll discover which oils resonate most with your skin's needs, helping you to craft a personalized elixir that nurtures, soothes, and rejuvenates.


Elevate Your Skin's Resilience 

In a world where oxidative stress can accelerate the aging process, maintaining a healthy balance of antioxidants and free radicals is essential. Anne will guide you through the science behind this delicate equilibrium, empowering you to fortify your skin's natural defenses. By crafting your own facial oil, you're providing your skin with the nurturing care it deserves, promoting healing, reducing imperfections, and enhancing sebum production.


Unlock the Magic of Essential Oils 

Essential oils, those enchanting botanical essences, hold not only captivating fragrances but also remarkable healing properties. Anne will unravel the secrets behind these "magical" oils, revealing how they contribute to your skin's health and vitality. From healing to balancing, essential oils play a pivotal role in achieving the radiant complexion you've always dreamed of.


Nurture Your Skin, Nurture the Planet 

Authenticity and quality reign supreme at Zapy. Every product you encounter has been thoroughly tested and approved by Anne herself, ensuring that you receive nothing but the very best. We're committed to fostering a world of conscious choices, where sustainability and self-care intersect harmoniously.


Join Us for a Transformative Experience 

Whether you're seeking a rejuvenating solo escape, a memorable bonding experience with your besties, or a unique team-building outing, our Facial Oil Making Workshop promises an afternoon or evening of laughter, discovery, and empowerment.

Secure your spot today and be part of a community that embraces holistic wellness and eco-conscious living. Let your radiant journey begin with our Facial Oil Making Workshop. Your skin, your planet, your story - beautifully intertwined.


The workshops at ICW will be held in English. If you book a workshop time as a group (with a minimum of five participants), this workshop can be given in Dutch if requested.


International Creative Women (ICW)

Het College 22, 5611 EH, Eindhoven


Dates Workshop Perfume Oil:

Tuesday 26th September - 18:00-20:00

Tuesday 17th October  - 18:00-20:00

TBD - Tuesday 19th December -  18:00-20:00 


Dates Workshop Facial Oil:

Thursday 5th October  - 18:00-20:00

Tuesday 21st November  - 18:00-20:00

TBD - Tuesday 19th December -  18:00-20:00 


Dates Double Workshop (where you will be making both your own signature perfume oil and a facial oil with this blend):

Friday 10th November  - 18:30-21:30

Saturday 9th December - 14:00-17:00