You don't need to shower every day

You don't need to shower every day, and definitely shouldn't wash your whole body with soap every day.

Do you shower every day? Is that because you feel like you need the clean, or because you're just used to doing it? Perhaps it helps wake you up in the morning?

Photography Credit: Chandler Cruttenden
We really do not need to shower every day, especially if you’re not doing anything too strenuous. Washing yourself too often can actually strip the natural oils off your body and leave you with dry skin and hair.

It's not only soaps that expose your skin for dryness and other troubles, but water exposure itself can be damaging as well. The longer and warmer the shower, the more damaging it is for your skin, as hot water strips away natural oils. I am not looking forward to cold or lukewarm showers, but a few degrees lower is already a lot better for you (and will save energy as well).


Did you know there are only 3 body parts we should wash every day?

Your armpits, groin (backside) and feet. The rest just needs a simple rinse with water. Don't wash (and especially don't scrub) your whole body, as soap (and especially commercial non-natural soaps) destroy useful bacteria helping your body distinguish between good and bad germs.

Ladies, don't wash your vagina with soap though - which definitely doesn't need internal washing, and if you do, choose for pH balance of 3.8 to 4.5.


For those who work out If you want to take a shower in the morning and another after your workout, keep them short. If you can wait with showering until after your workout, do so.