YES! The Truthbrush is here to stay!

Finally I've found a toothbrush that doesn't feel like a wooden stick in my mouth...
I've found it really hard to find a good plastic-free replacement, because I don't like the bamboo part in bamboo toothbrushes. Up till now.
All the other brands: the tip just feels too big inside my mouth (I know, that's what she said).


I'm so glad to have been gifted this amazing toothbrush, after having complained about other brands on my feed from Mysustainble20s. This is truly a life changer.

Because yes, I did think it was too expensive to give it a go, both in comparison to other bamboo toothbrushes and to plastic toothbrushes. But you know what, it's all worth it (and you can totally use it for longer than 3 months, I used one for 5 and could still keep it going).

This brush is so slick, you don't even notice the difference between a plastic brush and this beautiful Truthbrush.

That's why I've decided to stock it in my webshop, where you can buy them as a one off or as a 3-4 monthly subscription box. So head on over there and order one, because you and our planet will thank you for it.